November 30, 2021

Welcome to Hospitality Specialist

On to new exciting ventures

After 16 years at Stena Line, my journey at the company has come to an end. But before moving on, I want to take this time and thank everyone I have worked with over the years, both onboard and ashore, in the management team and all external partners.

After more than a decade at Stena Line, I have not only grown professionally but personally and as a leader. Now it's time to embark on my own quest within Hospitality Specialist.

At Hospitality Specialist, we want to create better opportunities for our customers and focus on long-term and sustainable relationships where our customers can rely on our expertise and commitment.

We want to help hospitality organizations get in the best possible shape, where we identify potential for improvement for the entire business, from strategy and implementation to results. We help you get great great results in the right way; how we deliver is as important as what we deliver.  

Our customers are at the center of everything we do, and we believe that cooperation is the key to success. Through Hospitality Specialist, you can strengthen your business and acquire international staff who have solid experience from service professions worldwide, including shipping companies, hotels and restaurants.

In addition, we provide affordable, high-quality products for the hotel and restaurant industry and help businesses improve profitability.

We exceed our customers' expectations and find new ways to succeed!

Serving the service industry, step by step.


Martin Schütz

CEO and Founder

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